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Wabash Train Tee

Wabash Train Tee

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Step into the express lane of fun with our Wabash Train Tee – the coolest blue sensation in town, designed and printed right here in St. Charles, MO! Get ready for a wild ride as your little ones sport this electrifying tee featuring a black line drawing of the legendary Wabash Train, handcrafted with love by our store owner, Lydia Crespo. From small to large youth sizes and even 2T and 4T toddler sizes, this tee is the ticket to style for all young adventure-seekers.

But it’s not just a tee; it’s a journey through time! Picture this: the Northern Missouri Railroad chugging into St. Charles in 1856, the Wabash Bridge construction craziness in 1871, and the wild stories of the American Car & Foundry (AC&F) factory dominating the riverfront. As your kiddos rock the Wabash Train Tee, they’re not just wearing a shirt – they’re cruising on the tracks of history in the most fun and fashionable way possible! All aboard for a blast of fun and funky freshness with the Wabash Train Tee!
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